Persistence Pays Off

by: Monique Myers

There Is No Real Success Without Personal Development and Growth

I remember ‘knowing’ that I was here (on earth) to make a difference, to create a life worth living, and to be hugely successful from the time I was still in grade school. So, why wasn’t it happening?

Like so many people, I had to unlearn some bad behaviors and learn some new – and honestly, I think unlearning the bad behaviors was a lot harder than learning the new ones.

I had a hard time seeing and recognizing the bad behaviors. They were so familiar, so ingrained, so transparent. I really didn’t think of myself as a victim, or a dependent person, or even an irresponsible person. After all, I was always trying something new, trying to create my own business, trying to make it happen. I had moved 1,000 km away from home when I was 19 or 20 and thought I knew it all. And that never really changed.

We All Need a Support Team


Well, some things did change and it became very clear to me that there were a few things I didn’t learn in school. I went on a quest to finding out what life really is all about. I wanted to find the real me, not just the one that chattered on in my head and had an instant answer for everything. But, that voice was so convincing, so familiar, and it all felt so real.

It was not an easy path I had chosen. And even though my family lived so far away, they -unbeknownst to them- still had a very tight grip on my thinking. Some people just open their eyes, realize what’s happening and change fairly easy, at least it seems so from the outside. I, on the other hand, was great at holding on to my old self for dear life. At least for a while.

But, I was not one to give up easily. I kept at it, chiseling away slowly. Then one day I decided to speed things up and signed up for a year long coaching program. I LOVED it. I started to get up at 6AM to meditate and study, I studied 2-3 hours a day, I was really enjoying it and felt like I had found my tribe. I joined a Mastermind, created another Mastermind, and we are still meeting on zoom once a week. We hold each other accountable, celebrate successes and have become really good friends. It is so important to have a group of friends that you trust and who are always there for you.

Personal Development is not a one-size-fits-all formula.

But, after years and years it has become clear to me that we need to do more than just study, meditate, and try on our own. We need to know how to create a space where we can grow and make some fundamental changes in our life without everyone around us discouraging us. We need to learn to make sound decisions and then actually act on them. This is a process. Not a one time deal. It’s a daily, multi faceted practice. You need a tribe, you need to feel safe to share your downfalls and wins, and even if you don’t know what your wins are, someone else’s journey may just unlock that stronghold you have hold on to for so long.

Listen to this interview where everything seems to have fallen into place

If you would like to learn more about this Personal Development course and/or business click here

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Yeah…Personal Responsibility.


Have you thought about that?

What if I would say that you are totally – as in 100% -responsible for everything that is going on in our life right now, in the past and in the future?

Ouch…it came as a slap in the face when I first realized that it is true. I am the only once responsible for my life.If I am responsible, I cannot blame anybody for anything anymore.

  • 🙅‍♀️ cannot blame my parents for not letting me go to the school of my choice.
  • 🤷‍♀️I cannot blame my dad for the choices I made.
  • 🙆‍♀️I cannot blame my boyfriends for the things we did (and shouldn’t have done).
  • 🤦‍♀️I cannot blame my husband for anything.
  • 🙅‍♀️I cannot blame my kids for not having a career.
  • 🤷‍♀️I cannot blame the dog, the cat, my horse…

Once I learned that, I realized that if I am responsible for every result and outcome in my life, I must not have taken a lot of responsibility for a long time.

I took a deep breath and started to take an honest look and realized that I blamed a lot of people for the circumstances I lived in – and I realized that that had kept me stuck for a long time! It was time to make some changes, especially in my thinking.

I started by forgiving all those people I thought were the stoppers, the mockers, the ones that I thought ‘kept me from succeeding’. Then I forgave myself for wasting all those precious years of handing over my power to others – and they didn’t even know it!


How responsible do you feel for the results in your life? Your family? Your career? Your health – physically and mentally? Your wealth and prosperity?

Go for a walk or sit in a quiet spot by yourself and go within. Take an honest look and write down who you blamed for so long. Forgive them, forgive yourself.


The buck stops here. I am 100% responsible for every result in my life. I am the absolute supreme authority over my life – past, present, and future!

By: Monique Myers

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You have absolute supreme authority over your life

By: Monique Myers

Have you ever looked in the mirror at yourself and thought: “Wow, I thought I’d be further along in life by now”?

I thought for sure that when I turned 50, I would be in a totally different place than I was.

I thought I would have a great residual income, have the freedom to go places, afford to buy whatever I wanted, and do what I loved most – ride my horse on endless trails, travel, give, and not worry about a thing.

I chuckle when I write this. It sounds like a pipe dream. But it is possible for all who genuinely want it – I know it is. Why?

Because when you get to work in a field that you are truly passionate about and get to do what you love daily, it feels like you get to play. When you are on purpose and there is no resistance -most of the time- you can get into momentum, an upward spiral

People need hope, clarity, and a promise.

There are 2 groups of people. The negative ones and the positive ones. The ones that are losing hope and don’t see a way out, and those that know the can make a change and take charge of their own life.

It’s all about your perspective

Your situation may look dismal right now, but, with the right mindset and guidance, no matter what age you are, you can change your life, and you can come out so much better at the end of all this pandemic then you ever imagined.

You have absolute supreme authority over your life.

Bet on success.

Bet on YOU!

And once you do that, things can change so quickly, you wonder where it was all that time.

Do you know how to win at the game of life?

Do you want to learn? Are you open to change and start your own business?

Click here, I would love to talk.

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Is COVID-19 Bringing You Down or Up?

What Can I Do to Replace My Income?

Are You Going Down or Up?

When checking the news this morning I noticed that the climate is changing from 99% COVID-19 to post pandemic forecasts.

  • The Real Estate curve took a sharp downturn instead of the usual up in spring
  • More than 100,000 small businesses have closed forever.
  • Here in Louisville, KY we are noticing a steep decline in restaurants. I remember, 7 years ago when we moved here, saying to my husband “if we were to eat out once a week for 2 years, we would never have to go to the same restaurant twice” – it’s part of Louisville culture.
  • United Airlines will be laying off 30% of its employees in October
  • Seniors on SS are feeling the pinch, and it may get worse.
  • So many people are losing their job and are looking for solutions.

Why am I talking about this? I usually stay away from doom and gloom and am really a proponent of creating your own economy.

Well, I believe we are in need of a paradigm shift – a global paradigm shift. And not everyone is aware that you play a role in your own paradigm shift.

We are not victims. Things do not just happen to us. We think them up, and then they happen.

Worrying only makes things worse! Yes, we have to know about it, but then take action in our preferred direction.

The Reason I Bring This Up

Create Your Own Economy
What Can I Do?

I believe we need to reach out and be willing to help people gain that insight. Help them step by step with a daily program, a daily, bite-sized program to help them rise above their circumstances and take part in their own life-creation.

That is why I partnered with this dynamic, fast growing company in the Personal Development & Success Education industry that has amazing reward winning step by step programs to help us create our own paradigm shift.

When we are willing to learn and just take 30 minutes a day to study

  • You will realize how and where you live on automatic pilot and how to get back in the driver’s seat.
  • It will show you where you just live out your unconscious programming from the past, your parents, your teachers, your surroundings, and how to change it where necessary to beliefs that will propel you in the direction of your preferred reality and dreams
  • You could truly change your life and turn this time into the best thing that ever happened in your life – I know, that sounds like a fairy tale, but it really all depends on the thoughts you allow to dominate your mind.

This is the basis for creating your own economy!

Your invitation you to learn more.

Do you want to find out how you can create a paradigm shift for yourself?

Interested in joining our team of dynamic, up-beat, helpful and positive people who are on a mission to bring this to as many people as possible?

Click here to request more information and receive a personal phone call.

Monique Myers has been studying Personal Development for 35+ years and has extensive experience in creating her own economy.

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Why is Change so Hard?

By: Monique Myers – SuccessfullyHome

Why is Change so Hard?
Why is Change so Hard?


What happens when you make a decision that could change your life?

Well, whether you follow through immediately or sleep on it, the mind goes to work.

It’s suspecting an imminent change…  The mind doesn’t like change. It’s here to protect us and has a cybernetic system –paradigm– in place to keep things running smoothly – according to its program.

The problem is, that program may be grossly outdated and is not serving in our best interest anymore.

So, what happens? Our mind gets busy, it goes into overdrive and starts telling us all the things why we shouldn’t do this. The longer we put off taking the necessary steps, the more your mind will come up with all the reasons to NOT change, not to follow through, to keep things the way they’ve always been. Your mind doesn’t want to change. It’s uncomfortable. Your mind will resist. You will come into fear and excuses. It’s just the way the mind works. That’s why some people live the same year over and over again and nothing ever changes.

Successful people make decisions fast and change those decisions very slowly.

Successful people do things that are uncomfortable. They will do them repeatedly and turn them into habits.

Think about what you want. What YOU really want. Make decisions accordingly and be willing to do what it takes.

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What does ‘Being Coachable” mean?

Be Coachable

By: Monique Myers – SuccessfullyHome

Being coachable – what does that mean?

As I am re-launching my business, I had to do some soul-searching and think about what I can do differently this time around to highly increase my chance of success; I really don’t want to repeat the past yet another time!

Based on past experiences and reflection, I have not been as coachable as I would like to be. Often, I would listen to the advice and suggestions, and, instead of acting on it, let my habits run the show, do my own thing, and just not heed what was offered to help me. It wasn’t that I thought I knew better, I just didn’t know how to change my habitual way of thinking and doing things – even though they didn’t bring me the success I was hoping for.

So, after years of trial and mostly error, I finally came to the point that I knew I had to do something about that and be willing to take an honest look at the cause: my very own paradigm.

I began studying with Mary Morrisey (Dream Builder Program), Bob Proctor (1-year Coaching Program), Zen DeBrucke (The Re-Creating You Game and other programs), Dr. Joe Dispenza (Breaking the Habit of Being You) and many others.  I have done a lot of studying, reading, meditating, exploring, and changing my ways of doing things and thinking.

Still, I really felt I needed to take a good look at what it means to be coachable. You learn best by teaching, so that’s why I am sharing what I learned and, hopefully, it will help someone else too.

So, what are some qualities you need to be coachable:

Dave Anderson, Digital Dealer, says this: “Coachability is about demonstrating the willingness to be corrected, and to act on that correction. Coachable people are prepared to be wrong and withstand—even welcome—high degrees of candor concerning their performance with the goal of improving it. As a result, coachable people are able to grow to levels that life’s “know-it-all’s” never experience.”

Of course, the most important thing we need to consider is “What do I want” and “Am I capable of getting there on my own?” I used to think I could. I didn’t want to bother my mentors with my questions, I didn’t think they would suggest anything other than what I would do anyway. In other words, I wasn’t the person that thought my mentor’s ideas were wrong or ‘stupid’, I just assumed I knew the answers, and didn’t even ask. I didn’t know I didn’t know.

  1. So, in my opinion -and please correct me if I am wrong- the first quality is a willingness to take a step back, realize you don’t know it all, and allow someone else to teach you.
  2. Second, be open to receiving the feedback. It is so easy to just go with our very first (habitual) response and be closed, hurt, offended, or just unwilling to really hear what is being offered. Of course, not all feedback is valid, but consider it, and decide whether this feedback is helpful. Does the person offering it have some knowledge and insight you lack? Are they more successful than you? Do they have your best interest at heart? Know, that if you really feel hurt there probably is some program running, some part of your ego that thinks it knows better. Receive, weigh it, then decide.
  3. When you decide the coaching or feedback is valid and will help you move forward, put it into action. It will feel weird, even uncomfortable, at first. You may keep falling back into old habits and keep doing things the way you always have, be patient with yourself and keep trying. I have sticky notes in different places to remind me what I am working on, what I want to change. Our paradigms are strong and not readily willing to give up control. Repetition is key. Write out some affirmations and repeat them often.
  4. And finally, be proactive and seek out feedback, don’t just sit around waiting for it. This attitude takes your coach-ability to a higher level and can absolutely accelerate your growth. Ask questions like:
  • “What do you suggest I do to improve performance?”
  • “Where do you see that I’ve gotten off track?”
  • “How can I make this even better than it is?”
  • “What can I do to have a more positive impact on teammates?”
  • “Where have I developed blind-spots that I need to fix?”
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Crispy Peach Crumble

To stay SuccessfullyHome You need to stay Healthy

Crispy Peach Crumble

Get to your Farmer’s Market and and buy some ripe peaches to savor this amazing Fall dessert!

It’s easy, it’s quick and oh so yummy!


10 peaches – sliced into 1/4 inch slices
2 cups Gluten-Free Oats – I buy mine at Trader Joe’s
2 tsp. Cinnamon
1/3 c. Honey
Pinch of Salt
6 TBSP Organic Salted Butter (softened) (I love Kerri Gold!)

Preheat oven to 350. Cut your peaches into 1/4 inch slices.  Place into a 9×13 inch baking pan.

For the “Crumble”!  

In a separate bowl combine your Gluten-Free Oats, Cinnamon, and Salt. Stir to combine. Cut your butter into six-1 TBSP pieces and add to your Crumble mixture. Use two knives or a fork to break the butter apart into small pieces to combine as much of the Crumble mixture as possible with the butter. Add your honey (you can also use agave syrup) and use your hands or a spoon and make sure your Crumble mixture is combined with your butter and honey. Spoon your “Crumble” over your cut peaches.

Bake for 20-25 minutes until the top is a beautiful golden brown.

Be patient, it smells so good that it will be hard to wait!

This dish is delicious on its own, but you can also spoon a scoop of healthy vanilla ice cream on top or add a dollop of Vanilla Greek Yogurt.

Easy. Quick. And oh so good!

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Believe It Till You Make It.

By: Monique Myers – SuccessfullyHome

We tend to base our future and our experience on what we see around us.
But, what we see around us, is really nothing but our past.
Our past thoughts. Our past beliefs. The result of our past actions.

What would you like your future – or better yet – your present to look like?
Dream it up. Imagine it in full color. Fall in love with that.

Believe it till you see it. Believe it till you make it.

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