The other day as I walked into the barn, it finally happened.

I had been waiting for this, hoping for this and grew more and more curious as to how it would happen and what it would feel like.

And then it happened!

I have been a student of self for a long, long time. I love meditation, mindfulness, personal development, law of attraction (how it really works), energy, and chakras. I have studied, read lots of books, gone to events, taught courses, and coached others. I knew I was intuitive, but I also knew I had a long way to go.

And…it all takes time.

Just the drive to the barn is 20 minutes on a good day! Perfect to listen to books and get into a good head space before I arrive at my sanctuary and meet up with my best friend – Eddie, the sweet Arabian.

I LOVE taking my time and just ‘hanging’ with him. I love to let him tell me what we do that day. Sometimes it’s just turnout, sometimes it’s grooming, or going for a walk.

But that wasn’t always the case! So often I would go to the barn with an agenda of my own. Eddie was never ‘asked’ if he wanted to participate, it was just expected. It was only after some real soul searching, meditation, questioning, and looking at things from different perspectives, that I realized on a deep level that Eddie never signed up for this.

Imagine that someone would just come, take you away from your food, your friends, your nap, put a saddle on you and now you have to carry them around on a walk you didn’t want to go on? Or what if they made you run in circles, endless meaningless circles? Just imagine that for yourself right now.

So, what happened that day at the barn?

After driving for 20 minutes and listening for the 3rd time to ‘The Untethered Soul’ by Michael A. Singer and contemplating what he was saying and pulling all my other ideas and thoughts into it I felt so calm, so PRESENT, so void of expectations, that my heart just opened wide. I felt an energy flowing out of my heart and stratight into Eddie. He looked at me as I stopped dead in my tracks and we just looked at each other. When I walked up to him I didn’t feel the need to immediately touch him, pet him, and overwhelm him with my human need to take charge. Instead, he reached out to me and put his nose straight on my heart.

Tears starting streaming out of my eyes – and I wasn’t even crying. I don’t know how long we enjoyed that moment but our relationship has changed forever.

That experience lighted a fire in my heart again. It brought my dream back to the forefront and instead of dismissing it I started nurturing it again.

I have known for a while now that I really would like my own farm again and facilitate equine assisted coaching and learning. I feel it’s my mission to help others wake up to their own true self and full potential, and horses can play a very significant role in that.

I have been a homeschooling mom for a long, long time, and since my children are now both adults and independent, I realized I can start pursuing my dreams.

So, I started looking for a homebased business that was in alignment with my values, something that would provide coaching and personal development, and a lot of value for my clients, while allowing me time to continue with Eddie and all the work that comes with finding a farm and moving. And something that would be engaging and worth my while for years to come.

And I found just that!

I teamed up with a global company that specializes in Leadership Development. We market award winning personal development products, events, and online training.

It’s flexible; yes, every business is work, but I can work anywhere, as long as I have my phone or laptop with me.

Everything is online; the training, the product, the coaching.

It’s global; I have friends all over the world! We meet on zoom 5 times a week!

I don’t have to sit in a cubicle and do monotonous work and wait for a coffee break to go to the bathroom!

I get to go to the barn and continue my beautiful heart-to-heart relationship with Eddie when it works best for him.

If you have been trying to struggle through everything you need and want to do and feel you and your horse always get the leftover time, or squeeze time, if you have been praying for a solution to work autonomously, be independent and pursue your hobbies, maybe this business is the answer to your prayers too!

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