Nutrigenomics, Biohacking, Paramedical Equitation & Education, Equine Therapy

Monique is a Visionary with a big heart for holistic health & wellness of the horse, the equestrian, and the disabled. She calls herself a Self-Development Junkie and loves to help others to Design Life from the Inside Out.

She has found a way to combine all of this.

Personal Development is at the basis of all my endeavors. I either come in and realize I have to grow or learn something about products, people, or horses, or…they teach me a lesson I wasn’t expecting. Spirit is always for expansion and flows to and through us; it’s up to us to direct it in the direction of our choosing.

We are never done learning and growing and I love it how -at times- I am directed to explore a new practice, a new facet of this human experience.

Biohacking through Nutrigenomics is a new and cutting-edge industry that is breaking the mold of how preventative medicine and DNA mutations are studied and seen. Up until recently we believed that our DNA was 98% set and we could only influence about 2% – We now know that it is quite the opposite.

Nutrigenomics is a whole system approach. Nutrigenomics examines relationships between what we eat and our risk and response to disease and the molecular mediators – genes and gene expression and biomarkers, such as hormones or metabolites – between them.

We now can activate the body’s own system to reduce oxidative stress (known to be the root cause of over 200 diseases) by 40% in 30 days, and over time, to levels of a newborn in ALL mammals.

Paramedical Equitation and Education – in collaboration with Elizabeth we are facilitating a Paradigm Shift in the training of horse and rider through balancing the horse. There is a change coming in the horse world. A change that relies on science and empathy towards the horse, not on old, outdated techniques we refer to as “classic”. We are presenting a system that is based on anatomy, physiology, behavior of both the equine and the human. Our goal is to bring to the riding population a way that is easy to understand and that will prevent the unnecessary breakdown of the horse – physically and mentally and creating sound, safe horses. This system requires those who wish to use it to learn through study as well as practice. It also requires the person to suspend what they already know and put much of it aside. We are using modern technology such as online webinars and training as well as on the ground clinics and events.

Equine Therapy and Hippotherapy – Her newest endeavor is teaming up with a team of 5 fantastic women to create a non-profit organization where the disabled can interact with and ride horses with the goal of gross and fine motor skills, speech, and social improvement. We are in the beginning stages of applying for non-profit status, grant-writing, and fundraising. Our biggest need is a place to call home. We are in need of a barn, and arena (preferably indoor so we can operate year-round) and people to ‘adopt’ a horse.

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