1-Year Course + Coaching

Are You Ready for a Change?

Ready to take life by the horns and live it to the fullest while honoring who you are? Who you really are?

Everyone is unique. We all have a specific purpose in life – and sometimes that purpose is buried under expectations from our parents, family, friends, and ourselves to be a certain way, a certain person.

However, to live a truly fulfilling life, we need to live according to our authentic self and follow our own personal path.

Hi, my name is Monique Myers – Founder of SuccessfullyHome and Thrive2Prosper, and I would love to invite you to join us in a year-long study of self, a study that will lead you on an adventure to discover your North Star, your purpose and mission and how to go about living it out so you will live a truly fulfilling life.

The first month sets you up to get the most out of your yearlong course – and the most out of life.
It will teach you the downfall of most people at all levels of success and how to proactively avoid it.

The next 3 months will direct you through several concepts and exercises specifically designed to allow you to discover and define clear and stable guideposts. These will act as your own personal GPS in taking each new step on your new, successful journey.

It steps you through key distinctions to assist you in discovering specifically what you are, or are not, doing in your life as the result of cultural or peer groups, limiting beliefs, and pressure. The realizations that come out of this section of the course are often very revealing and lifechanging.

And finally, it will give you powerful and proven tools to create a direct path from where you are now to your future success. Engage in fun, yet eye-opening exercises and ideas that will give you the ability to crystalize your vision and begin creating your dream life.

Then we will focus for 3 months on how we can stand firm in our decisions.

Decisions are the gateway to understanding your best, brightest, and shining moments. You will learn how to operate at a significantly higher level in your daily life and how to eliminate self-sabotaging behavior patterns. As a bonus, you will gain tremendous insights into the sometimes curious behavior of yourself and others.

You will learn about creating positive habits around how you choose to perceive your world and what you focus your attention on. You will get clarity on your past and current successes and learn to significantly build off them. Gain a core shift in the way you view yourself and change the way you react to your life circumstances.

And the last topic on decisions unleashes the power of time. Time is the most powerful resource you possess. Learn proven, simple, and yet ultimately powerful concepts that you will use to manage your life. Gain the tools and conceptual understanding required to literally design and create a new life.

This is where many personal development courses stop, leaving out the main ingredient for success and accomplishment: ACTION. Smart action.

So, the last 3 months we will spend our time on this oh-so important topic.

This is where the rubber hits the road. First you will get clarity on how to make every day a success and how to methodically raise the bar and improve your circumstances both now and in the future. Anyone can have a successful day, week, or month. But learning these powerful concepts will allow you to create a consistent and upward spiraling life.

Then we will assist you in crystalizing your core operating system in life. As a result, you will experience a synergy, strength, and harmony that is as powerful as it is rare among people. Certainty and demonstrable confidence are byproducts of this core alignment. These new traits will be of great use for the rest of your life.

And finally, we bring it all together, giving you the tools you need to create a powerful and exciting control of your inner and outer life. This concept will support your past, present, and future to help get the most out of the skills you are now on your way to mastering.

The idea is that you apply all this as we go on a business or project of your choosing.

Ongoing Enrollment. You can start immediately after you enroll.

BONUS 1: you will be invited to a private Facebook Group and weekly Q&A/coaching sessions on zoom.

BONUS 2: Several recorded powerful live events to help you grow and understand the in and outs of life.

BONUS 3: an optional online marketing business and chance to develop your leadership skills.

BONUS 4: a 30-minute personal coaching session to get clarification on your purpose/mission


  • 1-Year Course: Value $2855
  • Access to Private Facebook Group: Value $240/yr
  • Weekly Zoom Coaching/Q&A: Value $1200/yr
  • TOTAL Value: $4295

However, since this is the Pilot Group to coach in this format the total cost will be only


plus a one-time $49 enrollment fee ($2334)

Go to this link and fill out your information so we can call you for a short talk to establish if this is right for you. https://www.successfullyhome.info/pd-course-coaching/

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