Do You Want To Be Shamelessly Successful But Have No Clue What To Do?

by: Monique Myers

Are You Really YOU?

I remember ‘knowing’ that I was here (on earth) to make a difference, to create a life worth living, and to be hugely successful from the time I was still in grade school. So, why wasn’t it happening?

Like so many people, I had to unlearn some bad behaviors and learn some new – and honestly, I think unlearning the bad behaviors was a lot harder than learning the new ones.

I had a hard time seeing and recognizing the bad behaviors. They were so familiar, so ingrained, so transparent. I really didn’t think of myself as a victim, or a dependent person, or even an irresponsible person. After all, I was always trying something new, trying to create my own business, trying to make it happen. I had moved 1,000 km away from home when I was 19 or 20 and thought I knew it all. And that never really changed.

We All Need a Support Team


Well, some things did change and it became very clear to me that there were a few things I didn’t learn in school. I went on a quest to finding out what life really is all about. I wanted to find the real me, not just the one that chattered on in my head and had an instant answer for everything. But, that voice was so convincing, so familiar, and it all felt so real.

It was not an easy path I had chosen. And even though my family lived so far away, they -unbeknownst to them- still had a very tight grip on my thinking. Some people just open their eyes, realize what’s happening and change fairly easily, at least so it seems so from the outside. I, on the other hand, was great at holding on to my old self for dear life. At least for a while.

But, I was not one to give up easily. I kept at it, searching, trying. Then one day I decided to speed things up and signed up for a year long coaching program. I LOVED it. I started to get up at 6AM to meditate and study, I studied 2-3 hours a day, I was really enjoying it and felt like I had found my tribe. I joined a Mastermind, created another Mastermind, and we are still meeting on zoom once a week. We hold each other accountable, celebrate successes and have become really good friends. It is so important to have a group of friends that you trust and who are always there for you.

Personal Development is not a one-size-fits-all formula… in fact, it may be the wrong formula all together!

But, after years and years it has become clear to me that we need to do more than just study, meditate, and try on our own. We need more than knowing how to create a space where we can grow and make some fundamental changes in our life without everyone around us discouraging us. We need more than learning how to make sound decisions and then actually act on them.

I will go so far as to say that we need to stop the BS, stop only focusing on what we want, stop trying to be positive at all times, stop looking longingly at our vision boards every day! Life is not just honey and milk. If we want to live a full life, a fulfilling life we need to be willing to accept ALL of life. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Think about it; when do you look at your vision board? When you are very aware that you don’t have the things on that board! When do you tell yourself to be positive? When you are negative. And while we are doing that, we are hanging out on ‘the other side’ of what we long for and reinforcing the emotions, the feelings, the reality! We need to learn to LOVE all of it.

We can learn that. It is a process. Not a one time deal. It’s a daily, multi faceted practice. You need a tribe, you need a guide, you need to be willing to cut the c**p, move beyond your stories and to be honest with yourself.

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