How to Set Big Goals and Reach Them

By: Monique Myers – SuccessfullyHome

How to Set Big Goals and Reach Them

I’m so excited to post this article! Not because I like to toot my own horn, but because I think I am sharing some tips on goal setting that will be valuable for everyone! No matter what you do!

Whether you work from home, for an employer, whether you are in sales, or want to write a book, or even want to run the marathon…

I believe everyone will benefit from this information!

My mission is to help you become the best version of you you can be and to help you create an Extraordinary life for yourself and your family – and it all starts with your mind set.

So, I am going to give you some tips on goal setting. Not just writing down your goal, although that is part of it, but really how to set a goal so that you are prepared and ready to reach it!

So, if you like, grab a sheet of paper and a pen so you can actually participate…

Okay…now divide the paper in 4, draw a big cross on it top left to bottom right, top right to bottom left.

We’ll start at the top and go counter clock wise.

Now first, I want you to write down a measurable goal in the top quadrant. Measurable as in a $dollar amount, or a rank advancement, or an emotion ranked by a number on a scale of 1-10.

Now make sure it an achievable goal. An achievable goal is a big scary goal that excites you, but is achievable vs. a goal that is so far out there that you probably could not achieve it even if you wanted to? A good example would be: ‘I want to earn 1 Billion dollars next year – up from $50,000 this year.” Now if you earned half a Billion this year, it would be probably. Got it? Great.

Write your name and date of completion and, if you dare, sign it, in other words, commit to it!

Okay, now we are going counter clockwise.

The first thing you are going to think about are your assets. This is something that is usually overlooked in goalsetting, but it can make or break your results. For example, if your goal is to bake a cake and you really want that done within the next hour but you have no eggs and the store is closed…you get the picture. Or if you want to create a painting that will sell for $5000 next month, but you just recently started painting…it’s not going to happen – yet-

So, in this area you write down things like skill sets, experience, personality traits, strengths, comfort zone, support systems, personality traits, circle of influence, resources (time, money, energy, etc), commitment level. This is all about the specific goal. Okay?

This is one of the most important steps in goal setting. It shows you what you have and what you need. Do you need to take another course, coaching, etc. It sets you up so you can start with confidence.

Next we move on to the bottom quadrant…

Here you write down what could stop you short in your tracks, in other words, what could get in the way of you achieving your goals?

Are you scared? Do you have limiting beliefs? Negative habits? Unsupportive loved ones? Are you taking care of quadruplets in diapers?

Write it all down so you know beforehand what could come up. This is important, so you can be prepared, either you can find some help, or you realize you need more time to reach your goal, or maybe you need to set up a support system.

And lastly, in the quarter on the right you write down your action plan.

What are you going to do on a day to day basis, How do you plan to keep yourself accountable? What do you need to do to get those needed items that are lacking on your asset list, and your strategies and tactics.

Keep working this sheet over till you have a good idea of where you are at and once you feel it is complete, take out your calendar and start making a concrete plan you can follow through.

This is really powerful stuff – if you take some time and write it down for yourself. There are a lot more tools that go with this, but this is already a great tool by itself.

You know, especially for us who work for ourselves. If we let our limiting beliefs, and negative environments influence us to the point that we freeze and stop…we are never getting it done.

Every successful person has a mentor…this is something I got from one of my mentors.  She is a powerhouse that works specifically with women in homebased businesses.  She’s making a huge difference in my business and results. She provides a platform that allows us to grow and move past our set of struggles into success.

If you want to find out more about her, check out her website here.





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