I Can’t Do That! I Am On A Fixed Income!

I Can’t Do That! I Am On A Fixed Income!
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By: Monique Myers – SuccessfullyHome

I have never understood the term “I can’t do that because I am on a fixed income“… think about that, what does that even mean??? Did they forget that living on a salary is also a fixed income? Why would you even give in to that? Why would you let that determine the way you live your life?

You know, there is no such thing as status quo? There is no such thing as doing nothing and remaining the same. We either grow, or we disintegrate.

And, in my opinion, that is a mistake so many people make when they retire.

They are one:

  1. Not ready, and
  2. they don’t do anything about it!

Just do a quick Google search and you’ll find that about 74% of Americans are not ready for retirement, 65% of Americans save little or nothing, and 42% of Americans are at risk of retiring broke!

Well, if you are not ready for retirement – and you would like to be – now is the time to learn how to get ready! Whether you are in your 30’s and want to retire early, or you are in your late 50’s or even in your 60’s or 70’s.

I am offering FREE Coaching to those who really want to change their ‘status quo’ and create a completely different future for themselves and their loved ones.

You will become part of a Tribe of Young-at-Heart Entrepreneurs. A Tribe of like-minded people who are not ready to give up just yet. A Tribe of people that dares to dream and make things happen. We will have a weekly MasterMind call online, connect in a Closed FB group, explore the possibilities, collaborate on income opportunities, service opportunities, philanthropy, success paradigms, and much more (like travel, and meetups in the future).

You can take control. You can change. You can do it.

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