Do You Have an Inner Guidance System?

Have you ever gotten lost? Hopelessly lost, and didn’t know your way back without Google maps or your GPS? Did you miss an important event – maybe even a job interview or a date with the man of your dreams?

I have. I even missed my cousin’s wedding because of it – granted, we didn’t have cell phones back then, let alone Google Maps! I had traveled 1,250 kilometers to be at her wedding, made it safely and without problem to her parent’s house, and got lost on the way from her house to the church! I remember feeling so frustrated, bummed, and just plain stupid! I had asked directions, but didn’t stop to write them down and I was probably only half listening.

What would have happened if I had taken my time, listen wholeheartedly, written down the directions and stayed present the whole time?

What if you had taken the time to enter the directions into your phone and let Google Maps give you turn-by-turn directions to get you there on time?

Yeah, the outcome would have been very different.

Did you know that we have an Inner Guidance System, a personal GPS to help us navigate LIFE?

Let me tell you a story, maybe you can relate…

My son just recently graduated from college with a double major in Film (his love subject) and Chinese (might as well subject). In high school he studied Chinese for 3 years, so when he started college he was invited to join the Chinese Flagship program. It wasn’t really what he intended to do, but, he felt honored and decided to give it a go. It was a very rigorous program and took up a lot of his time. At the end of every single semester, he had to do some serious soul searching and make a decision whether or not to continue, and every semester his decision to continue was based on the fact that he had already put so much time and effort into it, that he might as well.

Not the strongest argument for something so time consuming! But, it gave him a chance to go to China for a couple of months in the summer and study on a grant. That was an awesome experience that he will never forget!

The program included a capstone year of studying in China, and again, he was invited to do that, even though the major of Film did not really promise an internship in that industry during the second semester, nor did the college have any classes in Film available during the first semester. He made his decision to go based on the same argument as all the previous semesters…and, he was not at ease with it. He just felt it was the natural flow of this course. He was down, tired all the time, didn’t want to talk about it, didn’t want to prepare except for the most important things like getting his visa and plain ticket.

This time, however, he came home, and mom had become quite familiar with her IGS and how it works, and I did not feel at ease with this decision either! I began to ask questions, coached him into a different kind of soul searching and ultimately asked him to read the book ‘Your Inner GPS’ by Zen Cryer Debrucke. Within two days of starting to read and learn, he came to the conclusion that his IGS had been loud and clear for a long time! He was closed every time he thought about going to China for a year and he opened at the thought of staying. It was still a hard decision for him to make, but he decided to be brave and follow HIS IGS, not based on what he thought was expected of him or even based on his thoughts that he might regret it later on (which closed him as well, meaning he would not regret it).

The moment he made the decision according to his IGS and informed the people of the program, his demeanor changed, he felt light and open and oh so relieved! And…within days he had a camping trip planned and landed a full-time job with a media company in the video production department.

That is what can happen when you follow your Inner Guidance System!

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