Is COVID-19 Bringing You Down or Up?

Is COVID-19 Bringing You Down or Up?
What Can I Do to Replace My Income?

Are You Going Down or Up?

When checking the news this morning I noticed that the climate is changing from 99% COVID-19 to post pandemic forecasts.

  • The Real Estate curve took a sharp downturn instead of the usual up in spring
  • More than 100,000 small businesses have closed forever.
  • Here in Louisville, KY we are noticing a steep decline in restaurants. I remember, 7 years ago when we moved here, saying to my husband “if we were to eat out once a week for 2 years, we would never have to go to the same restaurant twice” – it’s part of Louisville culture.
  • United Airlines will be laying off 30% of its employees in October
  • Seniors on SS are feeling the pinch, and it may get worse.
  • So many people are losing their job and are looking for solutions.

Why am I talking about this? I usually stay away from doom and gloom and am really a proponent of creating your own economy.

Well, I believe we are in need of a paradigm shift – a global paradigm shift. And not everyone is aware that you play a role in your own paradigm shift.

We are not victims. Things do not just happen to us. We think them up, and then they happen.

Worrying only makes things worse! Yes, we have to know about it, but then take action in our preferred direction.

The Reason I Bring This Up

Create Your Own Economy
What Can I Do?

I believe we need to reach out and be willing to help people gain that insight. Help them step by step with a daily program, a daily, bite-sized program to help them rise above their circumstances and take part in their own life-creation.

That is why I partnered with this dynamic, fast growing company in the Personal Development & Success Education industry that has amazing reward winning step by step programs to help us create our own paradigm shift.

When we are willing to learn and just take 30 minutes a day to study

  • You will realize how and where you live on automatic pilot and how to get back in the driver’s seat.
  • It will show you where you just live out your unconscious programming from the past, your parents, your teachers, your surroundings, and how to change it where necessary to beliefs that will propel you in the direction of your preferred reality and dreams
  • You could truly change your life and turn this time into the best thing that ever happened in your life – I know, that sounds like a fairy tale, but it really all depends on the thoughts you allow to dominate your mind.

This is the basis for creating your own economy!

Your invitation you to learn more.

Do you want to find out how you can create a paradigm shift for yourself?

Interested in joining our team of dynamic, up-beat, helpful and positive people who are on a mission to bring this to as many people as possible?

Send me an email to request more information.

Monique Myers has been studying Personal Development for 35+ years and has extensive experience in creating her own economy.

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