It’s All in Your Head…

It’s All in Your Head…

Have you ever been told “It’s All In Your Head?

Did it make you kind of mad?

Yeah, it probably did. I remember feeling so misunderstood – almost hurt, when my coach, years ago told me that ‘it’s all in my head’!

Some 25 years ago I went to my very first network meeting. There were more than 20 total strangers sitting at a very long table and my seat was somewhere in the middle.

I did my best to make some small talk, but I felt very out of place. These people all seemed so professional, so confident, so…at ease. I was far from that! Though I was not quit as shy as I was in high school, I still did not like it when more than 2 eyeballs were looking at me.

Can you imagine what I felt and thought when the time came for each person to introduce themselves and EVERYONE was looking at them at once?!

I felt as if the world was strangling me, I had a full blown panic attack and would have loved for my chair to just be swallowed up by the earth below me. My heart was racing, my mind was in overdrive and tried very hard to come up with an excuse to excuse myself. 

But…I stayed seated. Tried to force myself to listen to what they were saying so I had at least a tiny chance of knowing what was expected of me when it was my turn. I had to think quick and decided to be brutally honest and confessed it was my first time ever and that I had no idea what to say. I felt like my head was exploding, my back dripping with sweat, my heart racing like crazy. And then it was over. I had a choice to make. Never come back or stick with it till I got over my shyness.

Everybody was so forgiving, so sweet, so friendly and helpful. At the end the leader came over to me and introduced herself as a networking coach and invited me to meet up with her so she could coach me on my introduction and ‘elevator speech’.

It was that evening that my life changed forever! My decision was made. No more shyness. No more panic attacks. I decided to learn to love people and learn to accept, even love attention.

Was it easy? No, of course not. But we can truly change our Paradigm, our habitual thinking and thus change our feelings and actions!

Sometimes, the only way we can change our Paradigms by creating and consciously deciding on new affirmations and beliefs and imprinting that on our sub-conscious through repeatedly imagineering and affirmations.

Other times, we can change our Paradigm through a life-changing event like the one I described above. The experience was so painful that when the decision was made right then and there, it was so powerful, it was able to immediately overwrite the old program.

Since then, I have learned so much! The study of the mind is never ending and so intriguing.

If you’re ready for a true and lasting Paradigm Shift, sign up for the Paradigm Shift Live Streaming Event and get a true head start on your Life with a capital L.

I hope to see you on the road to success!

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