The Big Disconnect

The Big Disconnect

By Monique Myers

All of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks, right between the eyes.


How could I be this dense?

How could I have missed it?

Last December I started on a new journey. I had had enough and wanted to finally step into my role as a game-changer and life-transformer and learn from the best. I know, it sounds a little pompous, but, I have known from a very young age that I was destined for great things.

We all are. God doesn’t make mistakes and I’m convinced that we all have an obligation to get our message out so our experiences can help others that are maybe just one step behind us.

So, after a few years of slumbering and ‘trying to find myself’ I decided last year that I needed to take some action. I became a part of a tribe called FreedomPreneurs and started on a journey with them. I would work on the assignments in the FreedomPreneur Academy daily – after work, while traveling, early in the morning and late at night. I learn best through full-immersion (or geeking out on a subject – as some call it)…

The problem with that is that I am a visionary. I have huge vision and plans, I see the BIG picture and tend to lose the fine points, until, one day it hits me.

So, one thing led to another, and when I decided to speed things up a little started a course on Affiliate Marketing with Russell Brunson. I had gotten his book –Dotcom Secrets– and took that on as my first project.

Everything went well, or so I thought, until the conversion rates showed me very differently. I tweaked a bit. I prematurely set up a split test (which broke the link in my ad!) and was almost ready to walk away from it all.

Then, I just started listening to one of the videos in the course again – ‘How to find your dream customers’. I had seen the video twice already, read about it in the book, and suddenly it hit me!!!

I had mixed it all up!

My whole ad campaign was directed one way – my landing page was going a completely different direction! There was a BIG disconnect. It didn’t flow. If the ad sells apples and then directs you to a page that talks about oranges, even though it sells apples, it just won’t work!

Lesson learned. Follow the steps exactly. Don’t deviate!

Take the whole thing down – Game Over!

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