What is Success – And How Can YOU Master it?

By: Monique Myers – SuccessfullyHome

How Can You Master Success?

That is a great question!

Can you master success?

First, let’s define what success is and what it’s not. When we talk about certain accomplishments and we call that success, success could be very elusive. After all, it would be different for everyone, and also, what would you do after you reach that goal? Would you then suddenly be unsuccessful until you reached that next goal? Everyone is different, everyone has different goals – even when they sound the same, the real goal has more to do with how you feel and who you become – not so much the thing itself.

Think about it, when your goal is for example to increase your income by $5,000/month. Would you only feel successful once you reach that? Or, would you already feel successful when you increased it by the first $500, or maybe even just the first $50?

Right! You start feeling successful the moment you start working on your goal. Every little step toward your goal is a milestone and shows progress. Every increment on the way to your goal shows success and keeps you going, right?

Here is a great definition I learned from Bob Proctor -who in turn learned it from Earl Nightingale:

‘Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal.’

And what is an ideal, you say?

An ideal is an idea that you have fallen in love with. You won’t mind trading your time (read life) for it. It is something that makes you feel accomplished, that helps you grow into the person you aim to be.

So, can you master success? Yes! As long as you keep moving towards a goal, towards a worthy ideal, you are successful!




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